The Channel Lake Bluffs Association was established in 1927 and continues to work together as a community to keep our neighborhood here on “Pollywog Island” as safe and clean as possible. If you were not informed by your real estate agent, or your home’s previous owner, Channel Lake Bluffs has fabulous “common” areas that are a great and valuable asset to your home: A wonderful park and beach area that is located at the east end of Grapevine Avenue on beautiful Channel Lake.

A boat launch area that is located mid-way on the north side of Prospect Avenue that leads directly out to the north end of Channel Lake with piers, or slips, that are available for annual rental.
Common area walking path that allows you to cross from Grapevine Avenue to Prospect Avenue between residential homes. It is located just slightly east of the boat launch area on the south side of Prospect Avenue.

All of this is part of your new home, in addition to being located in the prime spawning area for the Chain of Lakes where there is incredible nature to see every day – all year long!

Welcome Home!