Rules and Regulations for the CLBA Boat Launch

Please take a moment to read the following Rules and Regulations for the CLBA Boat Launch Area to yourselves and to your children, whether you boat, fish, have a rental slip, or none of these. These rules apply to all CLBA Members and their families, guests, and renters (if applicable).

The CLBA Boat Launch area is available for use to all CLBA Members in good standing for boating and fishing activities. These are the Rules and Regulations for that area. They were established to allow the CLBA to maintain this area, its ‘assets, and the assets of the CLBA Members renting pier slips to the best of its’ ability.

First and foremost, the CLBA Boat Launch Area is NOT A PUBLIC LAUNCH AREA! This area is only for use by CLBA Members in good standing. Any homeowner lending out their keys or subletting a rental pier slip will lose all privileges to the Boat Launch Area.

Be aware that there is video surveillance at the Boat Launch Area. Don’t do anything in this area that you wouldn’t want your neighbors to see you doing. If offenders are caught, their pictures will be displayed on the CLBA website and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Please inform your children that no one under the age of 16 is allowed in the Boat Launch Area without adult supervision at any time. There is no designated swim area in the Boat Launch Area and there is no life guard on duty. If you swim there, you do so at your own risk.

A garbage can is provided in the launch area during the boating season for garbage. PLEASE PLACE YOUR GARBAGE IN THE CAN PROVIDED FOR USE BY THE CLBA.

There is “NO PARKING” allowed anywhere at the Boat Launch Area at any time. This includes the grassy areas on either side of the drive. Fox Towing and/or the Lake County Sherriff’s Department will be called to handle violators without warning to the violator.

The boats located in the rental slips are the private property of other CLBA Members. Please respect your neighbors by not boarding or violating any boat that does not belong to you for any reason. Please contact a Board Member if there is an issue. If caught, violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Any homeowner who loses his key will be assessed A $350.00 FEE to obtain a new key.

Please be considerate of the surrounding neighbors when using the Boat Launch Area in the early morning or late evening by KEEPING YOUR NOISE LEVEL DOWN.

Thank you. Remember to close and lock the gate each time you use the launch.

Pier Slip Rental

The CLBA has 8 pier slips, or spaces, available to be rented either solely or timeshared on a seasonal basis. Pier slips are only available to CLBA members in good standing and the member must be in good standing as of December 1st.

Members in good standing that rented a pier slip during the previous season, have the Right of First Refusal on that pier slip for the following season. If they are not in good standing by December 1st, they will lose their Right of First Refusal on the slip that they held.

A member in good standing that has not paid their slip rental fee by April 15th will forfeit their Right of First Refusal, and will have to wait for a slip to become available.

Rental Fees will be set by the Boat Launch Committee and/or the Board of Directors on a year to year basis.

Any member awarded a pier slip must agree to participate in any workdays scheduled for the Boat Launch Area. The member may be present themselves for the workdays, or they may send a substitute representative to take part in the workdays. Failure to participate will result in a fine equal to the current slip rental fee and loss of the Right of First Refusal for that particular pier slip.

Any member awarded a pier slip that does not utilize the slip during the season will lose their Right of First Refusal for that particular pier slip. Slips must be utilized once awarded.

An application for rental of the open pier slips will be made available to previous slip renters between March 15th and April 15th. Then, if there is an available pier slip (or slips) for rental, the application will be made available to the general membership. These applications will be held for a drawing which will take place at the Annual Meeting to determine the awarding of the available pier slip(s) with consideration of the pier slip(s) size and the size of the potential boat(s).

If any homeowner that has a pier slip, for any reason, is no longer a member in good standing, forfeits their slip during the season, or moves, there will be a lottery for rental of that slip for the remainder of the season. Right of First Refusal rental will be auctioned at the next Annual Meeting.

No one will be allowed to tie their boat at an open pier slip unless it has been assigned to them. There are several “loading” and “boarding” or “short time” pier slip areas available tothe general membership for the purposes of loading and unloading passengers and gear when using the launch area. There is a time limit of 2 hours that you can remain tied up to these designated pier slip areas. Boats that are found to be in violation will be removed from the slip that they are in and tied up to any tree that is available.

Seasonal use of the pier slips will fluctuate from year to year as weather permits.

No one can install their own piers. The Boat Launch Committee is in charge of installation and repairs of all piers at the Boat Launch Area. If there is an issue, please contact a Board Member.

As much as we try to keep up on things, problems do occur. If a problem arises at the Boat Launch Area, immediately contact a Board Member so that we can make repairs or resolve any situations that crop up immediately.